Cream Tea for Two- Blueberry & Elderflow
Cream Tea for 2
Bakewell Tart
Sweet Variety Box
Personal Afternoon Tea
Classic Fruit Scone
Savory Variety Box
Jam-Centered Rosewater & Strawberry
Christmas Spice Minis
Peppermint Mocha Minis
Afternoon Tea Special Order
Pumpkin Spice Scones
Chocolate Orange Scones
Cream Tea for Two
Variety Mini Box
Cheddar, Honey, & Rock Salt
Fruit Scones
Chocolate Orange

Afternoon Tea

£15 per person, £30 minimum order

Customise to suit your tastes

2 x Tea Sandwiches

1 x Scone (chose from available flavours)

1 x Savoury item (sausage roll or puff parcel) 

1 x Sweet item (Numerous options, just ask)


750 ml bottle of Prosecco for £10

330 ml bottle of Biochemist beer*  £2.50

330 ml bottle of Biochemist cider*  £3



Gourmet Scones

Cream Tea for Two £20

2 fruit scones, 2 cheese scones, jam, cream, and butter

Scone Box    £20

1 flavour, 10 scones

*Receive a 20% discount on Scone Boxes when you order 2 or more

Mini-Scone Box  £20

1 flavour, 20 mini scones

*Receive a 20% discount on Mini-Scone Boxes, when you order 2 or more 

Variety Scone Box £35

3 flavours, 15 scones (5 of each flavour) 

Variety Mini-Scone Box £35

3 flavours, 30 mini scones (10 of each flavour) 

*Not available in the Rosewater & Raspberry flavour 

Frozen Scone Box or Variety Scone Box

Order any Scone Box or Variety Scone Box as frozen, pre-baked scones. 

Keeps well in the freezer for two months. 

Great for those that only want one or two scones at a time. 

See above for pricing. 

Scone Flavours


Fruit (sultanas)

Toffee & Walnut

Chocolate Orange

Lemon & Poppy Seed

Blueberry & Elderflower


Rosewater & Raspberry




Smoked Cheese, Spring Onion, & Marmite

Black Pepper & Pecan

Chorizo & Dill

Cheddar, Honey, & Rock Salt

Corriander & Chilli Cheese

Spicy Jalapeno & Cheese

Cranberry & Brie

Order & Delivery

PLEASE NOTE: Local deliveries can be done on the weekends, or in the evening on weekdays. I am unavailable 8-5 pm, M-F. Any delivery outside of Red Lodge is subject to a £5 fee. 

Want to Place an Order?

Inquire about my availability here. 

Scone/cake allergen information
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